Social Media Megaphone Illustration

In addition to reaching the followers of your social media, new job openings at your portfolio companies automatically go out to all the followers of your team or other supporters.

Social Media Megaphone

Social media probably plays a big role in helping promote your firm, your partners, and your portfolio companies. Use it to accelerate hiring at your compainies.

Studies show that job connections aren’t typically made within your innermost social media circles, but in the broader circles of acquaintances. Our Social Media Megaphone allows you to reach that larger audience by tapping into the social graphs of all your team members, investors, and supporters. Every time you post a job, a tweet/post goes out across your extended collection of linked social networks.

Linking accounts is a simple one-step process for all involved, and immediately increases your recruiting reach.

Social Media Settings Example

Members of your team, friends, customers or any supporter of your company can easily link their their social media accounts. Every time you post a job on StartUpHire, a notice goes all of THEIR friends and followers.

Social Media Tweet Example

New job posts and updates are automatically broadcast across your social networks, and those of your linked followers.