Executive Database Example

Executive Database

Deploy a firm-specific database to efficiently capture, store and retrieve executive profiles. Build your short-list of experienced candidates in search of leadership roles within your portfolio and quickly fill these critical positions when they surface.

In this increasingly competitive market for experienced leadership, you and your companies will benefit from maintaining this roster of talent. The Executive Database ensures that whether a candidate reaches out to the firm, or the firm meets an impressive candidate they’d like to cultivate, the opportunity isn’t missed. Easily turn inbound resumes and business cards into an asset you can readily use across your firm. Open your Executive Database and accelerate hiring for key positions.

Easy for Them

Candidates can easily import their information from LinkedIn - or build a short profile - and upload their resume. Once established their information can only be accessed by your firm. A candidate may choose to make their information public, but no other VC firms will have access to your database.

Simple for You

No IT or administrative burden. In one simple step you can now invite candidates to build a profile within your firm’s private database on StartUpHire. You can either enter the candidate’s email address in your VC portal at StartUpHire, give the candidate a code to enter online, or forward an email from the candidate to your StartUpHire address- and we will automatically generate the invitation for you. The system even allows you add private notes and tags on the candidate.